First written on 17-Jun-00

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Welcome to Prague


When Frank arrived in Prague, he went around the city and took some photos to show the folks back home.  He recorded his first impressions on this page.


 Prague Castle, Karlov Most, and The Vltava River



Václavské Námesti (Wenceslas Square), Named for Good King Wenceslas

Pogo Fans Please Note:  I found no person who ever heard of Good King Sauerkraut

A visitor to Prague can easily spend an entire day just walking around, looking at the buildings, monuments, cafés, shops, and people.  One sees many visitors from around the world as Prague is a major tourist destination during the summer.


It’s easy to get around in Prague.  Apart from walking,  the city has an extensive system of Trams that go everywhere.  The Prague Underground is neat, clean, fast and easy to use.


 Prague Street Scene



Prague is a truly lovely city.  The architecture reflects all periods of its history, from the Medieval Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Communist Utilitarian, right up to Modern Contemporary building styles.  Prague escaped bombing during WW II, thus has remained intact, with buildings from the different eras often existing side by side.

We are staying at The Prague Hilton, one of those curious combinations that features modern amenities inside an older building.

The Hilton edifice is a prime example of Communist Era Utilitarian Architecture

  Prague Hilton   Prague Hilton Atrium Lobby Decorations

Driveway, Garden and Front
Entrance, Prague Hilton Hotel
(just joking!)

  View of Tasteful Decor in Atrium
Outside La Rhumèrie Bar“,Where
Captain Luboš and His Pirates Wait
To Mix Your Favorite Rhum Drinks.”


Cultural Diversion

There is a great mixture of cultural traditions in Prague.Of course, American Pop Culture is found everywhere. McD’s, KFC, Dunkin' Donuts and other American chains are found everywhere. Prague has absorbed many different influences and has fashioned them into its own unique urbane arts oriented culture.

Music of all sorts abound. There are 3 opera houses (our Key Grip went to the Opera last night!), 3 different Philharmonic Orchestras,and many smaller Chamber Music venues,Jazz Clubs,Country and Bluegrass Clubs,etc.,etc.

The music scene, like the Architecture mixes old with the new.The music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and, of course, Dvorak is performed each day at many small halls and churches the town. Men and women in Baroque Era dress advertise the concerts. They carry signs advertising the concert as they hand out leaflets.


A Mook

A Mook in Peruke


Jan Hus Digs Dixie

 A Dixieland Band Plays “Avalon” in Old Town Square Under the Watchful Eyes of Jan Hus, Czech Protestant Martyr, Burned At The Stake for Heresy In 1415




Food and Other Notes

We have found many good places to eat in Prague. We have sampled traditional Czech meals (roasted duck, smoked pork, beef, goulash, soups, dumplings, game, red and white cabbage, usually in a thick sauce), some fairly inexpensive. We’ve sampled a few of the fancier restaurants, most of which gave a good value for our Crown (perhaps it is time to actually write the book, The Per Diem Gourmet, that has been “in the works” for 30 years).There are pizzerias, cafés, wine bars where a traveler can get something to eat. The desserts and pastries are sublime. All portions are very large. The Czech Republic is definitely a place for Good Eaters.


What type of food is not readily available in the Czech Republic?  There is very little fresh fish here. Most of the seafood is frozen (there are some fresh trout on the menu from time to time). There is a noticeable absence of the Noble Crustacean here in this land locked country.  Oh, there is some evidence of Lobster on plates around town, but none that would be really fresh enough to savor.




 A Fishmonger Shop Promising “Living Lobsters – Daily”


image018.jpg (18473 bytes)

Lobster detail

Some Lobstorial Details From Around Prague 





The Lower Symbol on the Tram Will Strike Terror into Marlene's Soul When She Visits!


Goodbye for now


We begin filming “From Hell” as we write this.  We hope to update the site every week or so, as the production schedule will allow.


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We leave you with this photo, which proves conclusively that, from time to time, a Czech does enter the mail.