Originally written on  27-Jun-00

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 "Filming Begins"

Production of “From Hell” has begun.  That means we started working long days.  We are filming 6 day a week.  The workday averages about 14 hours.

 Let’s meet some of the people involved with the film.


 Sound equipment in foreground while Robbie Coltrane sips coffee as Heather Graham and Johnny Depp wait


Director Dandies

2 More Mooks

Albert and Allen Hughes, Our Directors

Warren With Robert Dufek, Our Czech Cableman


 Frank improvises shelter from the rain


I'm Back!

The Webergs

Frankielob at work

Susan Weberg arrives in Prague for the duration

We began filming on locations that were either in Prague or within an hour’s drive. Now we have moved onto our “back lot” set.  The Art Department built a replica of the White Chapel section of East London, as it would have appeared in 1888.  The set is quite amazing.  We will be filming there for at least a month.


image014.jpg (68028 bytes)

Whitechapel Set


image016.jpg (35804 bytes)

image018.jpg (19641 bytes)

Allen Lines Up A Shot While Peter Deming, DP And John Ward, Steadicam Look On

Allen Covers Sound While Frank Visits The WC


image020.jpg (76621 bytes)

Warren Shows Hogshair Rain Protector To The Real Thing (We boar you no further)


We have just begun 6 weeks of night shooting.  Staying up all night is one of my least favorite things to do.  However, the set looks lovely when lit for night work.  I will try to have some photos from the night time on a future page.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a question.

How Many Prague Grips Does It Take To Move A Dolly Track?

Answer:  As Many As They Can Find At The Moment

image022.jpg (23006 bytes)

image024.jpg (21734 bytes)