Marlene, or 'Lean' as she is now known, ran in the 16th Annual March Madness Biathalon.  The race took place in Central Park on March 24, 2002 which was a lovely spring morning.  Six hundred competitors lined up for the 8:30 AM start.

The course consisted of a 2 mile run, then a 12 mile bike ride, followed by a final 2 mile run.

She completed the race in 1:43.40 and won a plaque for finishing Second Place in her age category.

She is currently training for the 60 mile Avon 3 Day Walk to raise funds for breast cancer research.  The walk is scheduled for October 11-13.  Please click on the link bleow to visit her website.   You'll find details about the Walk and  can make a contribution to sponsor her effort.


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Good Start.jpg (206273 bytes)

Marlene's Ready To Go

The Starting Line

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Transition To The Bike

Marlene Crosses the Finish Line

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Lean 'n Lynne (210199 bytes)

Barbara, Marlene and Jill

Marlene and Lynn

Frank 'n Leanie1 (198341 bytes)

Marlene and Frankielob